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Getting ready on your wedding day

It sounds so simple, but these tips are invaluable to ensure a smooth morning on your wedding day. 
You'll more than likely have a plan from make-up, hair, arrival times but this post is all about getting dressed in your outfit as advised in your dress fitting appointments. In the midst of the excitement of picking your dress up, it can be hard to remember what was said! Here it is...

Crease free dress

I advise for you to choose the steaming service if offered. Most bridal shops offer this when you purchase your dress from them, but if you are taking your dress to a seamstress and it is an additional cost trust me when I say it is worth every penny. Yes, some dresses may not seem to need it as much as others, but it helps, even just smoothing out the under layers to allow the silhouette to hang well. Plus, having a perfectly steamed dress ready for you to step into is luxury and this is what it's all about on your wedding day.

This is a long one though because if you're not in…

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