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As a new bridesmaid myself, for one of my close friends, it has definitely got me thinking about making the big day and the lead up to it really special for the new bride! So it was perfect that the next blog post for Georgina Louise was a gift guide special…
Maybe for those who are struggling to get the bride-to-be something she remembers, indecisive (like myself) or just something special that she would love to receive. There are thousands of ideas out there , sometimes too many options! When it comes to choosing gifts for your best friend, sister, daughter or daughter-in-law, it’s not as easy as you first think sometimes, so we’ve collected some ideas that could solve your problem…
  1. SPA BREAKS: First up, and one of our favourites is a spa day where a bride-to-be can have time for herself, to relax, and to think about her upcoming day. The treatment will help the bride have a flowing and fresh skin after a good scrub. Everything in the spa room is designed to make sure the treatment is calm and relaxing- so perfect to the run-up to the big day. We all know how stressful planning a wedding can get, so this will be very good for the bride to get time to connect with herself. So no phone, laptop and completely no WIFI zone! The many benefits of a spa. We’ve almost convinced ourselves to book a day.
Some of our favourites around Derbyshire…
  • Champneys Springs: This may be more Leicestershire based but we couldn’t miss it off! A destination hotel, it offers 80 therapies from reiki healing to aromatherapy. It’s pure luxury and you’ll find more of these dotted around the country.
  • Owl House Day Spa: We’ve followed these for a while, and with their named offers it makes it perfect for the beginner spa attendee. Based in Diseworth and close to East Midlands Airport, pre-flight spa treatment anyone?
  • Hoar Cross Hall: Burton-on-Trent. This is a long time favourite. From the location to the hall itself, you can’t go wrong with this traditional spa.
We could keep writing and writing with spa breaks. These are a couple of our favourites. Let us know which one you would recommend or any you love!
2. MINI CAMERA: Pictures are another way of capturing a beautiful memory, having the time still on your figure tips. What’s better than handing the bride-to-be a mini instant camera- to carry around and capture those moments that will stay with her a lifetime. Maybe a better way to capture the moment could be the process of planning the day. The walk to the wedding shop for dress fittings, choosing the flowers, the colour or wedding day theme or perhaps looking for a honeymoon spot. I can say that it will definitely create a big smile on her face when you gift this to her just when she is getting ready for her day!
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera with 10 Shots of Film, Built-In Flash & Hand Strap, Smoky White
3. CUSTOM PHOTO ALBUM: Another gift idea that’s popped into our heads is a custom cover photo album. Perhaps a favourite quote, favourite place or a throwback pho. This will definitely make it worth for the smile on her face and for every smile that will be on her face when she opens the album. Maybe to make it extra special you can add something on past every page of the album that will remind her of something special from another time or event that is not her wedding photos.
Fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” Wedding Guest Book, Medieval Photo album, Shabby Chic Wedding, Custom Wedding Photo Booth album
4. CUSTOM DRESS HANGER: And last but not least. There are a few essentials things that a bride needs to have and that includes a beautiful personalised wedding dress hanger. The bride probably has spent a lot of money on everything else like her dress, shoes and venue so you can do her a favour and get her a beautiful personalist hanger that has her last name or something that can mean a lot to her so it stands out on her wedding photos and keep the dress look beautiful for years to come.
So we hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully it gives you some ideas about what you would gift the beautiful bride. Please leave a comment, we would love to know your comments and maybe if you would want us to touch on another topic or future post, let us know…
The Georgina Louise team x


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