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Planning a wedding, attending an event, or heading to some summer events? I’m guilty for scrolling through endless Pinterest boards trying to find the perfect do, or after some inspiration and if you are too, I hope this post provides some inspiration!
I have pieced together some of my favourite looks at the moment to hopefully inspire you when thinking of that special occasion- a unique and stylish hairstyle to complete your outfit.
I’ve been debating which is the best way to set out this post and there are so many more styles out there, so I’ve decided to list some styles that aren’t the typical ‘wedding/party hairstyles’. These styles can be then toned down or made more dramatic if you wish. Check out my favourite styles at the moment…

Space buns

I love these, and a recent photo shoot got me inspired, this is when I wish my hair was that little bit longer! They can be used subtly or really out there, jazzed up with glitter and jewels if you’re after that festival look, or be incorporated with plaits.
Lauren from L.H Professional Hair recently created this style when we collaborated, so before I can share, have a look at the photo below for this style (and the amazing colour!). Please note photo shown below is from an unknown credit.

(Photo found on Pinterest: Comment below if credit is known)
Space buns


 This may seem like an obvious one, but still a firm favourite, so below are some images of new ways of wearing this hairstyle. This style is very versatile and immediately can update a look.

(Photo credit: Tilly Octavia Hair)
Tilly Octavia Hair


In many different variations, from classic floral shapes, to greenery/flowers, to minimalist geometric shapes (as shown below). Add how many of as little as you want, to an up-do or loose waves and it adds detail if you are going for a simpler gown for example. Even if you were after a heavily embellished lace dress, you could carry on the theme with small accessories in your hair. I’m absolutely loving Tilly Thomas Lux and her range of hair embellishments.

Photo credit: Left: Knot Your Average Bride, Top right: Victoria Ralph Hair, Bottom right: Tilly Thomas Lux)

Velvet ribbons

This may be classed under accessories, but I feel these give a more striking overall feel, especially in darker colours. I’m a big fan of velvet, and added to your ponytail in a bow or loosely tied gives a modern feel to your style.

Short veils & crowns

I’ve always been a big fan of veil netting which is positioned over the face, it’s got a classic but edgy style to it.

(Photo: Rachel Trevor Morgan A/W 14)
 As well as these, I’m a big fan of Crown and Glory & Caleb Loves Lily. My favourite from Crown And Glory is their Fontanne Hydrangea and Ranunculus crown and I’m loving Caleb Loves Lily’s new collection, including this flower crown. If you’re heading to a summer event, a corsage too would be a good alternative if you’re after a more subtle look.

(Photo credit: L-R , Crown And Glory, Calebloveslily)

There are so many hairstyles out there to choose from so these are a few of my latest ‘must-have’ looks that caught my eye, and give a twist on the classic styles. All unique and open ideas to personalise to suit you, whether you are a bride, attendee or fancy some new ideas. These styles are also versatile as you can incorporate them into existing popular hairstyles such as loose waves or low buns, and because quite a few of these are accessories- which also means you don’t have to spend a fortune to update a look.
Thanks for reading and if you have a favourite, or a style you love but isn’t mentioned, I’d love to hear it so leave a comment on here or over on my social media pages.


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