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With our new blog, comes another blog post! This one is an inspiration post for any of you brides or part of the bridal party!
It also follows on from our recent post, about gifts for the bride-to-be. Check it out if you haven't already!
So we have put together a short list of ideas if you're either the bride-to-be, maid-of-honor, or part of the bridal group.

Lavender Gin and Tonic Punch - Sugar and Charm Sugar and Charm

Image result for Las IGuanasCocktail making classes

Las Iguanas- Derby 

This is perfect for having 2 in 1, delicious food and drink and having fun making cocktails at the same place. There are other packages available for 6-20 people which means it would be cheaper. There are 3 different classes on the table which includes; standard masterclass, Gin masterclass and Magnifica masterclass. Each class includes 2 cocktail making session per person. 

After some research we have found out that afternoon tea is one of the most popular things brides choose to do. We have found two very beautiful and wonderful places that you could enjoy the day out with your friends. The first one is Browns Brasserie and Bar, which is based in Nottingham. Another one is the Belton Woods that is based in Belton. Both places serve beautiful and delicious afternoon tea and the drink includes, tea, coffee and of course, champagne!

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(L) 20 Park Row, Nottingham (R) Balton, Nr Grantham


Planning a wedding is stressful as it is so why not enjoy a spa weekend, where you will
feel relaxed and fresh. There might be hundred things going on with the dress, the venue, the first dance and making sure everything flows perfectly. Maybe even just for a weekend or a day you could leave everything behind and give yourself sometime and treat your mind and body because you deserve it. The weekend can include; yoga retreat, manicure and pedicure, steam room, hot bath and massage with a special dinner on the side. We have found some beautiful places that comes with different view, venue and list of things that includes in the package.

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Image courtesy: The Belfry
The Belfry- from £79 The place involves a great view, a steam room, a relaxing dark room for massage, swimming room. Free access to the Bel Air Nightclub before 11pm Friday and Saturday (subject to private events) and after that maybe a cheeky massage.

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Image courtesy: Hoar Cross Hall
Hoar Cross hall- from £147.50 The hall is based in a beautiful countryside in Staffordshire with a scenery which would be perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. There are other offers for groups of people and for additional £60 you can have lunch if you book as early as 10am.

A living room filled with lots of green grass

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Image courtesy: Fishmore Hall
Fishmore Hall- from £110 The hall offers a beautiful view of the hills and a hot tube outside at the balcony with a seating area for the group of you to enjoy a dink while relaxing the tube.


A spa weekend is a great idea but perhaps you're searching for a break away? We've researched a few popular but also nice weekends away in Europe. Any excuse for a trip away in our eyes!
It's also a good way so the bride can take a bit of time-out and relax. Perhaps to try something new and may even have a bucket list and that list might include trip to Europe or even out and far from home where she

Popular places to visit for European weekends breaks:
  • Budapest- Hungary
  • Krakow- Poland
  • Barcelona -Spain
  • Berlin- Germany
  • Braga & Lisbon- Portugal
  • Monte Isola- Italy
  • Metz- France
  • Geneva- Switzerland
  • Malaga- Spain
  • Portofino, Italy: A very small village, that is known as the heart of Italy.
  • Ploumanac’h- France 
  • Dinant- Belgium    

Popular places to visit in UK:
  • Lake district
  • The Cotswold's
  • Bath
  • Bristol
  • Peak districts
  • Yorkshire
  • Norwich
  • Watergate Bay

Close to home is this place where a weekend would be brilliant to relax. You don’t always have to spend a lot for a great time away and have fun before the big day. A weekend away in UK in UK that would be beautiful to travel to.

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