Postponed wedding?

If you're one of the couples who have had to postpone your wedding it is a weird and crappy time. 
Planning for years and looking forward to the day, you're sure to go through many different emotions. Remind yourself that love is not cancelled and your day will come. Don't feel guilty about feeling low about your wedding being delayed, it's perfectly ok to.

I'm writing this blog post to all brides who had weddings booked in spring/summer 2020 and possibly 2021, if you have had to alter any plans. 

Looking at things from a different perspective really helps get you through when you're stuck in the middle of it. I've shared my top tips to all you brides out there.

You're still a bride-to-be: Might seem obvious, but to turn this one around to not feeling a bit down, make the most of still being engaged to be married. I mean, it gives you more of a reason to perhaps do a bit more wedding prep to source those earrings you never managed to find! There's many great prices on the high-street from jewellery to shoes that designers only use as samples. Use this time ahead to really tune in on the fine details. 

Talk to a close friend or your bridal party: Talking massively helps to process your emotions. Your close network can be a shoulder to lean on during this time. Know that many wedding suppliers have an open ear for any questions or worries you may have. 

Take some time out: Whether you're working from home or on furlough make sure to at least take one hour each day if you can. Split that hour up or take some time on your lunch break if you're not in the office. Take time on your skincare routine, go for an evening walk as it's less busy, workout for an hour or read a book. This one is important anyway, but even more so now. Take time to grieve the time now.

Make a point of your actual wedding day: I'd highly advise this one. Whether that's having a date day/night, get on Zoom with some of your wedding guests, go on a long walk or get in touch with your florist and perhaps order your wedding flowers for that day?! Make a point of the day to remind yourself that it will come, whether this be later this year or 2021. In the future, 20 years or so down the line, it will be the weirdest memory to look back at this time and think of what was going on but know that you adapted and got through!

Take some wedding photos: Again, like the one above make a point of your day if you want to. Take some photos on the day as a couple and look back how much stronger it has made you.

Wedding prep: You may have had to change seasons so this may mean having a look at more accessories to go with your dress. I'd advise to follow your chosen wedding suppliers especially bridal shops and seamstresses so your questions are answered. I have put together a personal guide to carry all brides in 2020 and 2021 with how to style your look. You may want to switch your earrings, have a bridal jumper (amazing by the way), or add that extra bracelet. Treat yourself! I would bare in mind though, to not go looking for another dress- you fell in love with the one you have for a reason.

Go DIY: You may have had a very close wedding when lockdown was announced or still had a couple of months. To remind yourself, get crafty and either make some more wedding favours, a book for your guests to sign, or buy a luxurious wedding photo album! I think it's a nice idea to have something you made (you don't have to be amazing) or purchased during this time to know that you got through. 

Each person is different, you may not even fancy doing anything at all to remind yourself. Anything is understandable. I am keen in self-care routines and utilising time to turn things around, because it just makes things better in the long-run. 
I have been following local suppliers in Derbyshire as many self-employed people, like myself, have more time to put into our blogs and magazines. These blogs are great to read so I've listed my favourites at the bottom of this post.

Top blogs: - Pretty wedding shoots - Sophie is doing daily live videos and guides etc. 

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