Getting ready on your wedding day

It sounds so simple, but these tips are invaluable to ensure a smooth morning on your wedding day. 
You'll more than likely have a plan from make-up, hair, arrival times but this post is all about getting dressed in your outfit as advised in your dress fitting appointments. In the midst of the excitement of picking your dress up, it can be hard to remember what was said! Here it is...

Crease free dress

I advise for you to choose the steaming service if offered. Most bridal shops offer this when you purchase your dress from them, but if you are taking your dress to a seamstress and it is an additional cost trust me when I say it is worth every penny. Yes, some dresses may not seem to need it as much as others, but it helps, even just smoothing out the under layers to allow the silhouette to hang well. Plus, having a perfectly steamed dress ready for you to step into is luxury and this is what it's all about on your wedding day.

This is a long one though because if you're not in the bridal industry it's hard to know anything about steaming dresses especially bridal wear. You'll be transporting the dress from car to home to venue more than likely, so if your dress is more of a simple style (with no lace), made from crepe, satin or mikado it'll be a good idea to get a hand held steamed. You can also use these after your wedding. These can be picked up from the main retailers, such as Argos. These are ideal to smooth any creases that appear on the train or skirt of your dress.

TIP: Always use a clean white pillowcase in-between dress and handheld steamer to prevent any spitting directly on your dress. Also practice at home on clothing beforehand.

Whether you are taking your dress to your venue the night before or the morning before, the first thing to do is hang your dress and veil! Don't forget about the veil. Any underskirts can be hung up too, but these can be carefully placed somewhere clean if needed. Plus your wedding photographer can get snapping away on the details of your dress.

Body tape

Add this to your emergency kit, but I'd like to expand on this. Body tape is a staple to have in general, when wearing an occasion dress or going out. You can buy body tape from Boots, Amazon or directly from myself. It's only a fiver and is great for styles that need that extra support. 

This will be advised in your fittings if this is needed for your dress, but if you feel like you need it, to stick down those silky shoulder straps so they aren't going anywhere, then pick a pack up.

Emergency kit

I'll be real with this one, I always advise to take a wedding day kit. It's better to be safe than sorry and it takes any stress away knowing you've got this in your bridal suite!
Make one as part of your wedding prep, just buy a cute (necessary) cosmetic case and fill with the following items:

  • Safety pins 
  • Body tape
  • Needle and ivory thread 
  • Blotting papers. A must for a summer wedding
  • Cotton pads
  • Tweezers
  • Tissues but I'm sure someone will have some!
  • Plasters. I always regret not having enough in my bag anyway!

Step in or over head?

This point makes sense if you've already attended your dress fittings, or remember when trying on dresses in store. You'll know which is the best way, it's the way you're used to and advised by the professionals. If you're wearing an underskirt, always put your dress on overhead. Buy a face cover, more on this later on, to protect the inside of your dress from make-up. Ask one of your bridesmaids or mother to help with this of course.

If your design allows, for example if you've got a dress that ties at the back, then you can step into your dress. Please make sure you don't wear your shoes at this point though. I'm not usually one to say this but one too many champagnes may not be a great idea before getting in your dress. 

Face covers

These are thin white coverings, similar to a hair cap and when searching on the internet are labelled under hair coverings. These can be purchased from beauty stores and are sometimes tricky to find! Ask at your appointments before you take your dress so your seamstress can at least send an online link. 

These face covers are to protect your dress, especially the lining, from your make-up. You'll only need to wear one of these if putting your dress overhead, as it's not necessary when stepping in. 

TIP: Type into Google 'Hair nets white cotton' for the best results!

Useful tips

Don't spray perfume directly onto your dress - This will be a habit from everyday use, but the perfume will leave yellow marks on your dress.

Don't wear a bra at night or the morning of your wedding day - The straps will leave marks and may be visible. Especially for designs such as strapless and backless dresses.

Allow plenty of time  - Leave up to 45 minutes to get into your dress. You'll more than likely run over anyway from the excitement so by keeping to this time prior at least you'll have more than five minutes!

Shoes to be put on last - It may be tempting to put your shoes on first to save time, but there's a possibility of ripping the lining of your dress. Anyway, that's what your bridesmaids are for!

White cotton gloves - I'd advise to purchase these to avoid any last minute marks. You'll all have your make-up done and had a few glasses of bubbly, so these are great and cheap to buy. 

Corset or lace-up backs - Your seamstress or bridal shop should show the person you will ask to dress you. If not, check out Youtube for tutorials. 

Gina x

Photo credit: Top to bottom: Emma Mcnair Photography, Gordons Chemists, Emma Mcnair, Richard Gardner Weddings


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